Brief introduction of the Company

We are an Exclusive Management Consulting Company in Hungary.

We have wide-ranging connections in Hungary, and an extensive and comprehensive network of experts. We develop a customised business concept and set up a special expert team for each client and project.

Our clients are domestic companies wishing to enter foreign markets, and international (foreign) companies planning to introduce or extend their business, or to carry out site development or technical or industrial investment projects in Hungary.


Comprehensive business and management consulting.

Developing business and financial plans.

Devising investment offers and presentations.

Compiling support and loan applications.

Finding potential financing options and financial investment partners.

Technical and financial project management of investment projects.

Co-ordination of negotiations about the foundation of joint ventures, and related management consulting.


Almost all our clients find us through referrals, so if you heard about us from one of your partners, feel free to ask them for information about us. If you wish to contact us directly, send us an e-mail:

Where to find us